• STEEL POSTS 100mm x 100mm x 4mm wall:  

    • 2 part bolt-down posts, galvanised: Fully adjustable, straightforward to handle & install: a foundation cage is concreted into the ground, then the post (complete with base plate) is bolted onto the cage.  They have front to back adjustment capabilities to ensure the posts are absolutely in line which is the key to a good reflection from the mirrors.  The posts can also be tilted should your arena not be totally level.  They are easy to re-locate if you ever want to re-position the mirrors in a different place​, and can assist in some planning issues, as they can be considered a temporary structure.  Supplied galvanised as standard (see NOTE below)

  • GALVANISED STEEL CROSS-RAILS: 100mm x 50mm x 2.5mm wall

  • GALVANISED STEEL BRACKETS, with clamp mechanism allowing full height adjustment of the mirrors

  • END CAPS, included

  • NO WOOD to warp or distort your mirrors, our ALL STEEL CONSTRUCTION is much stronger, more durable and stable than wood

  • SPACER JIG, to ensure correct positioning of ground cages

  • ALL FIXINGS, included

  • Safe & easy to handle

  • Straightforward installation process, diagrams and instructions supplied

  • Telephone & on-line support 7 days a week

  • 2 year guarantee against manufacturing defects

  • Delivered and off-loaded from our own transport or collection available

  • At the point of delivery we are on hand to explain all component parts and answer any questions regarding the installation

  • NOTE: galvanising option supplied as standard only on orders quoted & placed after 2nd April 2021