Highly engineered, structural, all in one system, top quality materials, precision manufacturing, the best of the best - everything you need except holes & concrete


    • Larger than average at 2.5m x 1.25m x 45mm, 63 kg

    • 6MM THICK SAFETY BACKED PILKINGTON 'OPTIMIRRORS' conforming to British Standard BS EN12600 2B2 for impact safety

    • Structural ALUMINIUM frames -  robust & durable, 100mm x 45mm unique, purpose designed and manufactured

    • FIBREGLASS BACKING PANELS - Incredibly strong to protect the rear of the mirrors

    • WEATHERPROOF bonded & sealed to prevent deterioration and to fully protect the mirrors

    • LANDSCAPE or PORTRAIT orientation

  • HEAVY DUTY STRUCTURAL GALVANISED STEEL BOLT DOWN POSTS - additional supports or bracing not necessary

  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE sprung loaded brackets, easy to adjust & tilt the mirrors

  • EASY TO INSTALL - everything you need except holes & concrete


  • EASY to add to & re-locate


  • HIGH re-sale value

  • FREE DELIVERY on 5 or more 'PREMIUM' mirrors*

Simply Arena Mirrors 9,front
Simply Arena Mirrors 9,rear
Simply Arena Mirrors 1G
Simply Arena Mirrors 1,S
Simply Arena Mirrors 3,S
Simply Arena Mirrors 9
Simply Arena Mirrors 5.221
Simply Arena Mirrors 5.131
Simply Arena Mirrors 5.131
Simply Arena Mirrors 5.131
Simply Arena Mirrors 5.131
Simply Arena Mirrors 3
Simply Arena Mirrors 1P
Simply Arena Mirrors 1.G
Simply Arena Mirrors 2
SimplyArenaMirrors L
SimplyArenaMirrors LTR
SimplyArenaMirrors LBR
SimplyArenaMirrors LF
SimplyArenaMirrors P

​The design process for our 'PREMIUM' ARENA MIRROR SYSTEM was sparked when we identified a gap in the equestrian market for an easy install arena mirror system which excelled in both quality of components and precision in manufacturing. Compared to our competitors, the value of the materials which go into creating our framed arena mirrors is far greater. The aluminium framing is a substantial 100mm x 45mm giving it immense structural strength to enable the mirrors to withstand strong winds in exposed areas.  A sheet of 6mm thick mirror alone weighs approximately 45kgs, so the relative lightweight characteristic of aluminium compared to steel framing secured it as our material of choice.  We worked closely with an aluminium extrusion company to design a profile which satisfied the need to protect and hold the mirror securely in place with minimal gap between the reflection of one mirror and the next, and to be able to install it easily.  

The manufacturing process of our 'PREMIUM' arena mirrors is very precise - our assembly beds are absolutely flat, measured to a fine tolerance with laser equipment to make sure that the reflection in the mirrors is as near perfect as possible.  The mirrors are laid perfectly flat, then go through a controlled process of assembly, fitting the fibreglass backing panels, followed by the pre-assembled framing system. There is over 30 metres of specialist structural bonding material in each mirror to provide a shock-proof barrier and ensure that the silvering on the back of the mirror will not be affected by moisture which would cause it to be damaged.  The curing process takes a number of  days, at which point the front face of the mirror is finished off, re-cleaned and prepared for despatch.  Each mirror is stamped with a unique serial number, giving full trace-ability through our manufacturing process.

We have made the installation of our 'PREMIUM' arena mirrors as simple and straightforward as possible. Ground cages are concreted into the ground, the galvanised steel posts are bolted to the ground cages, allowing for adjustments in all directions if required, then the 'PREMIUM' mirrors simply bolt into place at four points per mirror; a job for two or three people.  We provide all the specification and dimensions for the installation of the posts, and spacer bars can be supplied if required.  The posts we supply are structural steel beams, so once combined with the strength of the framed mirrors this means there is no requirement for additional 'storm legs' or bracing. The posts are pre-drilled to accommodate both portrait or landscape mirrors, and are also capable of mounting two mirrors in landscape, one above the other to create a huge 2.5m square of mirror.

Each 'PREMIUM' arena mirror is supplied with four brackets, two of which are our innovative sprung-loaded brackets.  These add an extra level of safety should anything or anyone fall into the mirrors as they will absorb some of the impact.  The stainless steel springs are custom made to our own specification of diameter, length & tension. The brackets are fully adjustable which allows them to be easily tilted into the arena to suit your riding position.  

Instructions are provided to show the ideal location of the brackets.  We are on the other end of the phone at all times whilst the mirrors are being installed to offer any help and advice if needed. 

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